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I am a scientist at heart, and my kitchen often looks like a laboratory with all kinds of jars and containers fermenting and brewing on the counters. I love to share my recipes, my herbal remedies and health tips, and I really LOVE to save money! We have a large extended family....two sons, their wives, eleven grandkids (and often a friend or two), my sister, Lanny's brother, and my parents that come over every Tuesday night for dinner...kind of a family reunion, only weekly instead of yearly! That adds up to from 17 to 22 or more people here every week. So I have to cook big, and cook economically!

So here we go! For all my friends and family that have been encouraging me to put all my recipes and ideas in one place like this....if you don't see what you are looking for, and cannot find it by using the "Topics" or the search field below right, just let me know and I will be sure to post it as soon as I can.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Recipe Conversions

Sometimes...most of the time I am in a bit of a hurry and don't want to think about this stuff, so charts are handy. Here's a little help when you need to cut a recipe in half or in third. I am usually doubling and tripling recipes, but for my hubby and me alone, I occasionally have to use this. 

Puppy Potty Bags

I am going to apologize right up front for this if you're already doing it, but seeing the large displays in the local stores and checking online, there seems to be a HUGE market for doggy poo bags. We never leave our FurBabies gifts on other peoples lawns, and ALWAYS carry our little baggies, BUT, I have never bought those bags and dispensers that are sold for that purpose. They are VERY expensive. The cheapest plain bags I found are $3.49 for 30, and cute ones with hearts and flowers on them are as high as $15.00 for 150. Let me tell you, your pups don't care what these bags look like and neither do your neighbors. We buy a pack of 150 baggies with the fold over top at the local Dollar Store (yes, for a buck) and those work just as well. I don't have a fancy dispenser to carry them in, just stick them in my pocket... and to store them I repurposed an old diaper wipe box and labeled it in my sloppy handwriting with a magic marker and keep it on the counter right outside our back door. We just grab the halters, the leashes, the pups, and two bags, and off we go. Save your money for other things!! You'll get a lot more appreciative glances as you carry that little present home than snarls if you leave it in your neighbors yard. And you will never guess...the added bonus for us is that our young granddaughter Belle doesn't mind hunting for doggy presents in the back yard with "Mimi's neat baggies" before everyone gets out there to play...oh, life's simple pleasures!